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The Buyer agrees that total damages, regardless of cause, are limited to original purchase price. We can only process refunds before the item has shipped.
Chandler Hardwoods will NOT give credit, exchange parts or any other remedy for any parts that you damage during installation. Remember, if you break it, you OWN it.

Chandler Hardwoods does not warrant items except for mistakes in shipping. For instance, if you order Part A and we send you Part B, that's our fault. Call us at (423-228-9016) or email us at (sales@chandlerhardwoods.com). But, if you ordered the wrong part or if the item was damaged in shipping, we cannot help you. You can contact USPS about the latter.

In order to process returns, the buyer must mail the part back to us, and upon its arrival we will refund the return shipping costs and part, or mail back the correct part. Refunds on return shipping costs will be limited to the shipping costs paid by buyer at checkout. (If your shipping charges were $12.50, we will not reimburse you for more than $12.50 in return shipping charges). All claims will be processed in this manner, due to issues with return scams in the past.

If you ordered the wrong part, the part is defective or you just changed your mind, we must have original undamaged part in its original condition before we will attempt any resolution.

Absolutely no claims for missing parts will be addressed more than five days after delivery. If there is a problem, we need to know about it immediately. We have multiple buddy checks here to ensure that each order is shipped correctly. Please check the packing material and box thoroughly, as small parts can be tucked into a corner of the box or otherwise 'hidden' in packing material.

If a third party opened your order, we cannot address any missing parts claims.

There is 15% restocking fee for all items that you purchase and do not take delivery of for whatever reason.

Multiple problems may lead to cancellation of your account.

Please check your Local and State laws before buying. Some states may prohibit you from owning a firearm or item that is legal in our state.
It is your responsibility to know what YOU can and cannot own.